Programme Review 2014

Get an overview of the extensive programme of make-up artist design show 2014.


Movie make-up artistry

Film make-up artists work with iconic well known personalities. The art and process of seamlessly transforming these actors into distinct and believable movie characters that we have never met before and that have lives of their own will be explored and demonstrated. When it comes to film, beauty and action make-up is a whole other game.

Michele Burke, Los Angeles

Character make-up with prosthetics

A complete transformation of the model using extensive cutting edge silicone prosthetics to alter and distort the models features to create an entirely new visage while maintaining total realism.

Neill Gorton, London

Creaturesque – picturesque: make-up design from Face Off winner season 5

Face Off is a cult series in the USA for make-up artists. In the make-up and special effects competition, make-up artists in different categories with given topics compete against each other. Here, they present their exceptionally creative, artistic and creative works.

Laura Tyler-Dandridge, Orlando

The Rhythm of Beauty

International fashion magazines, designer fashion on the catwalk or large photo productions: Perfect workmanship and creative ideas for make-up are needed here. With fashion, hairstyling and accessories and accompanied by rhythmic music, avant-garde make-up comes into being. Colourful and creative. Make-up art at the highest level.

Einat Dan, Berlin

Realistic, dissectible silicone bodies from the film "Der Medicus"

The production of a realistic, dissectible silicone body for the example of the film "Der Medicus" is explained on the original body and the accompanying mould. The presentation of the individual work steps from the desire for production, right up to implementation at the shooting location is supported by image material.

Jörn Seifert, Berlin
Tamar Aviv, Berlin
Dennis Penkov, Berlin

Character make-up for the theatre

A practical demonstration shows professional make-up techniques which are used to create characters in the theatre. For principal artists, choruses and actors in stage productions – such as in the Royal Opera House of Covent Garden.

Hyewon Ahn, London

Masks with the aid of 3D technique

3D techniques in make-up design offer numerous possibilities. Impression via scanning, modelling the mask on the monitor, printing the shapes, filling the negatives and demoulding are some of the exciting work steps on the way to the finished mask.

Michael Loncin, Brüssel
Bernd Staatz, Düsseldorf

An explosion of colours and textures

Perfect beauty make-up for photographs and television, creative make-up for fashion productions and the catwalk, artistic body painting or stagings for the theatre: Professional products offer a large repertoire of colours and textures for all fields of make-up.

Paul Merchant
Victoria Lee
Gemma Horner

Paint and Stipple Effects with Prosthetic Transfers

Join a demonstration of the use of essential character make-up materials to achieve realism for cinema and dramatic theatre. With practical application tips and innovative prosthetic transfers, paint and stipple techniques for authentic aging and wound effects.

Stan Edmonds, Vancouver

Queen of the Night: Creative Techniques for Opera & Theatre

Join the design of a beautiful, spectacular and mysterious Queen of the Night from The Magic Flute. With a sponge technique the make-up artist demonstrates the use of creams and sparkling powders to create flawless characters with clean, well-defined highlights and shadows. It’s for all artists in theatre who are looking for a fresh approach for designing on the world’s main stages.

Tiiu Luht, Oslo

Snout, fur and horns

When making masks such as animal heads, various materials from the make-up artist's daily routine are used. From various sub forms to moulding, right up to laminating with artificial furs, cloths and other materials, their daily use in the theatre is crucial. Thus, for example, the stability, the strength of the horns or the size variability of alternating performers are a priority here.

Pia Norberg, Hamburg

Porcelain figures

They look like porcelain in a showcase, figures, which are created by means of body painting, airbrushing, special effects and costumes. To transform, experiment and fascinate: Extraordinary creativity meets perfect workmanship.

Birgit Mörtl, Wien

Historical hairstyles

Costumes and masks are only really complete with the right hairstyle. Through the centuries, women such as Empress Sissi, Marie Antoinette or Mary Stuart also impressed with their characteristic magnificent heads of hair. This means a lot of backcombing, braiding and pinning when it comes to this topic on the stage or in a film.

Hans-Jürgen Kückelheim, Bonn