Creative Workshop

Contribute. Experience. Try it.

In the Creative Workshop renowned makeup artist give information about materials, insight into different techniques and useful tips for everyday work in the mask. Modeling and laminating of animal heads, weaving and connecting historical hairstyles and body painting with airbrush, brush and stencil are part of the program in 2014.


Contribute. Experience. Try it.

Under this motto, speakers invite into the Creative Workshop. Under their guidance, you can try out materials or get to know areas of artist-craft that do not belong to your own daily business.


Snout, fur and horns

In the studio of Pia Norberg it sometimes goes to animalistic if she deals with lions, hyenas and cats.

Porcelain figures

Under the guidance of Birgit Moertl you can try on porcelain figurines with airbrush, body painting and stencil.

Historical hairstyles

With the theme historical hairstyles, Hans-Jürgen Kückelheim makes a trip into history.