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Andrew Clement, USA  

Andrew Clement

Conspiracy Theory - Spider Man - Meet the Fockers - Star Trek - Stuart Little - Blade - Dr. House - Emergency Room: what reads like the Who is Who of the film industry is only one part of the many productions in which Andrew Clement has left his personal signature in make-up, masks, special effects, animatronics and as a concept artist.
Andrew Clement grew up in the vicinity of New York and during his fine arts and theatre design studies already began to work for shows such as Saturday Night Live and films including Black Rain. With the move to Los Angeles he successfully made the step up to the film industry. Here he was fascinated early on by the technical developments in films and one of his special areas became animatronics.


Andrew Clement - make-up, masks, special effects, animatronics and concept artist


Lan Nguyen, UK 

Lan Nguyen

Born in Ireland and from Vietnamese origin, Lan Nguyen – an established name in the fashion and beauty industry – designs shows and events and works for numerous magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle and Glamour. She has won multiple awards for her beauty editorials. Lan Nguyen is known for her creativity and impeccable work. Her style shows up in every area of her work – whether projects for the fashion or music industry, for celebrities, show business, television appearances or presentations. She owes her solid artistic background to her study of art, fashion and fashion design at the renowned Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London.


Painted Beauty by Lan Nguyen


Stuart Bray 

Stuart Bray

Stuart Bray is a freelance special effects makeup artist working in the film and television industry since 1994. During that time he has worked on a number of features including Saving Private Ryan, The Mummy 1 & 2, Gladiator, Blade 2, Shaun of the Dead and Stardust and most recently on 47 Ronin. He specialises in all the processes involved in making prosthetic appliances and make-up effects from design, sculpting, moulding, casting and application. Over the last several years he has also been a visiting tutor for a number of makeup schools as well as running his own special effects workshops.


SFX by Stuart Bray


Jos Brands, Belgium 

Jos Brands

Teaching is dear to Jos Brand's heart, and it is always a rich experience to watch him, listen to him, and learn from him. Having studied the make-up artist's craft at the Antwerp Royal Opera, he has worked in the film, television, theatre, fashion photography, design and advertising fields throughout the course of his career. From the outset, his drive to question and refine things has been the impetus behind his work and the source of his extraordinary creativity. Jos Brands leads seminars in airbrushing, body painting and high-definition make-up around the globe.


Airbrush by Jos Brands


Natalia Pavlova, Russia 

Natalia Pavlova

"We want to leave a legacy of unforgettable impressions," says Natalia Pavlova about her work, which is inspired by artists such as Hundertwasser and Dali. Body art is created in teamwork – luminous images in radiant colours. Natalia Pavlova studied make-up at the Moscow University of Art and Technology. She designs complete stylings: face and body make-up, hairdos and wigs, costumes, accessories and decorations, and works for celebrities, fashion productions, photography sessions, television, advertising, trade fairs, print media, shows and events.


kryolan Calendar 2011 by Natalia Pavlova


Kevin James Bennett, USA 

Kevin James Bennett

Kevin James Bennett began his career as a make-up artist in retail, quickly becoming a specialist for photography and catwalk make-up, as well as a stylist to the stars. His work for television has garnered him two Emmy Awards. Magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, Elle and InStyle regularly publish pieces by him. Kevin James Bennett founded MADE makeup art + design enterprises NYC in 2010, offering make-up for film, photography and fashion shows, as well as trainings, product development and brand marketing for the industry.


Make-up by Kevin James Bennett


Dr. Benno Hartung, Deutschland 

Dr. Benno Hartung

The things that make-up artists simulate as special effects are the things that this medical specialist examines in real life: gunshot wounds and cuts, burns, decay and much more. After his study of medicine, Hartung worked in surgery, pathology and psychiatry in Germany and abroad. Today Dr. Benno Hartung is responsible for autopsies, coroner's inquests, examination of victims of violence and preparation of forensic reports. With his work he provides important information for the reconstruction of accidents and crimes to police, prosecutors and courts.


Special Effects by Ipek Ekmekci


Victoria Lee, Great Britain 

Victoria Lee already discovered her enthusiasm for camouflage make-up during her studies at Stamford College in Lincolnshire and during her career her achievements in this discipline have been excellent. As a lecturer she enjoys international recognition. She is currently working, among others, in a team for Great Britain’s Next Top Model and will soon be involved with the American series of this show.



Alexander Schier, Germany 

Alexander Schier

Following hairdresser’s training Alexander Schier completed apprenticeship as a theatrical make-up artist at the “Deutsche Oper am Rhein” in Düsseldorf. He has now worked here as an instructor since 2000 and as the assistant senior make-up artist since 2005. Alexander Schier is in charge of make-up for many cultural events such as the “Düsseldorfer Altstadtherbst” and for many film and photo shoots as well as for the Robert Schumann University. At the “Toneelacademie”, Maastricht’s theatre academy, he passes on his expertise as a lecturer.


Hair extensions Fischbach + Miller


Bernd Staatz, Germany 

Bernd Staatz

After training as a theatrical make-up artist at the Cologne theatre Bernd Staatz worked as head make-up artist in Bonn, Nice and Hamburg. Since 1986 he has managed an atelier for masks and wigs for the theatre, movies and television. Since 2005 he has headed the team of make-up artists at the “Deutsche Oper am Rhein” in Düsseldorf. For five years he was part of the team for experimental forensics in Bonn as a specialist for face/head reconstruction. Bernd Staatz also used his expertise to support the development of 3D-scanning systems for digital modelling for mould making.


flocking system, Bernd Staatz

Nicole Heydenrijk, New Zealand  

Nicole Heydenrijk

Born in the Netherlands, Nicole Heydenrijk runs a studio for make-up, special effects, face and body art in New Zealand. In order to achieve 3D effects in her body painting work, she started to use prosthetics, such as breast covers. In order to provide an understanding of this effective method and its varied applications to as large a target group as possible, she has recently started to produce diverse prosthetics for worldwide sale.


BodyFX sugar skull by Nicole Heydenrijk


Barney Nikolic, Great Britain  

Barney Nikolic

Barney Nikolic started his career in theatre, including the municipal theatre in Hagen and the State Theatre of Lower Saxony in Hanover. A hair stylist, make-up artist and sculptor by trade, he quickly made a name for himself as specialist for theatre make-up, character make-up, special effects and prosthetics. He has been working on movie sets, for TV and the stage. In the movie business, he is renowned for his work on films such as Blood Rayne, Around the World in 80 Days and Harry Potter. He runs his own FX make-up studio and passes on his knowledge as a lecturer in presentations and seminars.


FX Make-up Barney Nikolic


Peter Gorshenin, Russia  

Peter Gorshenin

Petr Gorshenin is an artist, sculptor, painter and musician. Since his childhood he has played an active, creative role. At the beginning of the 90s he began to get interested in film, theatre and television make-up and in 2002 founded his own FX-Studio.

His great commitment is focused on the design of special effect make-ups and animatronics of the highest quality. He has worked on more than 50 film projects including Wächter der Nacht, Faust and Wanted with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. Petr Gorshenin is President of the Association of Russian Artists.


special makeup by Peter Gorshenin