German Championships for Trainee Make-Up Artists with the Comic Theme


Asterix and Obelix, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Tin Tin, Batman, Superman and Spiderman, Captain America, Lucky Luke, the Incredible Hulk, Mangas and Ninjas – the world of comic figures is big and colourful! Competition participants are tasked with creating a comic figure. This is no mean feat as these figures constitute fictitious characters based on drawings.

Why would it be interesting for trainees to take part in the German Championship of the make-up artist design show?

Answering this and other questions is Bernd Staatz, Chief Make-Up Artist at the opera Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf and the championship’s expert director.

“Participants in the championship already have an opportunity during training to present their talent and skills to an international jury and a wide audience.”

The jury does take a critical look at these works. Is it still fun to participate?

“It is certainly an achievement to focus on championship preparation even during regular training. The jury is aware of this. Translating an idea into a concept and making a sketch is the first step. Then realising both of these in a championship within the limited timeframe of 90 minutes while observing the assessment criteria – this is a demanding task. Every participant can be proud of taking part in a championship of this kind.”

The 1st, 2nd and 3rdprizes as well as the gift prizes that all participants receive are sure to be a further motivation. As is a visit to the make-up artist design show offering both an interesting range of products and lots of ideas plus the chance to meet and watch internationally renowned make-up artists at work.