Statements 2011

"I feel totally at home here, this is my world. Thanks to the targeted approach you only get trade visitors who really know their stuff – which you can tell from their questions that are really detailed. Through the fair I was able to make many new contacts, also with international colleagues, for instance from Turkey, Spain and France. The make-up artist design show can certainly compete with the other international shows in London and Los Angeles – it is smaller but the quality is the same. This fair also shows how high the quality of make-up artistry is in Europe and Germany and this has an important impact."

Jos Brands, Antwerps


"The fair is very interesting. You can see it is growing and developing further. I like the fact that the fair shows so many different aspects of the work of make-up artists, and areas like mine. I hope my field of work will become even better known through presentations like this one. I also hope to find new ideas and information myself. The audience here is good and after my lecture there were some good questions."

Michele Guaschino, Turin


"I was delighted to see that it was possible to hold a fair like this in Germany. I like it here a lot – the event is done really well and I met lots of colleagues from other firms, there are a lot of people you know here."

Harald Klute, Mannheim


"I had a wonderful time. I enjoyed watching the other demonstrations and walked around a lot to see everything. The programme here at the make-up artist design show was wonderful. I liked how spread out everything was – very varied and showing many different aspects and techniques. This way rather than just entertainment the audience could walk away with something. That is the great advantage of international events like this. For instance, I finally met Jos Brands and Thomas Foldberg and Morten Jacobsen in person. I’m going home with a lot of good memories from here."

Steve La Porte, Hollywood


"People here are all professionals who ask lots of questions and are very interested. We have many international visitors here, we spoke to people from Austria, England, Spain, Serbia – from lots of countries. The fair has grown since last year. And I think it has great potential."

Victoria Lee - Sales Manager Charles H. Fox Ltd.


"Again this year there are lots of interested people at the make-up artist design show. The trade audience is really good here. And as only make-up artists are allowed in we have exactly the right audience we want. There are also lots of foreign visitors, especially from neighbouring countries. There were some from France and Norway and even Israel. For us this is a place to make contact with customers. All the make-up artists confirmed that this is a great meeting place where you can gather information and meet."

Bernd Maier, CEO Fischbach + Miller GmbH


"We like the fair very much: very many of our fellow make-up artists are here. It is amazing fun to exchange ideas here with colleagues. Visitors are a varied cross section from students to professionals and everything in between and we also have an international audience here. Make-up artists think it is great that there is an event like this in Germany at last and we see great potential in the fair."

Bernadette Reschberger - Make-up Artist Bela GmbH


"I find this fair very interesting. This is the first time I have seen something like this in my life! I have been to all the cosmetic fairs but I have never seen anything so specialised. I see great perspectives and possibilities."

Yasushi Shimizu, Tokio


"So far for me the fair has been positive, successful and with a good response. The mood is very pleasant and everyone is happy to have a forum here. And the aisles slow people down because they keep getting held up in conversation. It is a really good meeting point plus lots of info – I think it is great. My expectations for post-fair business are very positive."

Stephanie Hermes, Düsseldorf