Statements about make-up artist design show 2016

Regine Hergersberg, Bundesvereinigung Maskenbild e.V. (BVM)

Make-up artists love networking – here in Düsseldorf and at our stand you have come to exactly the right place. Although there cannot be sensational innovations every year a great deal is happening in our sector, especially in technology. We pass on the relevant information – this goes down enormously well.

Marc Fusté, Owner Graftobian La Bette Studio

2016 was our first appearance at mads and we have drawn a very positive conclusion! We really liked how we met a totally professional trade audience here. At the same time, everything was very relaxed and we got a friendly reception. The proximity of the exhibition centre to the city is ideal. We were pleasantly surprised by the shows and presentations – they featured really key artists.

Wolfram Langer, Managing Director at Kryolan

We had considerably more visitors to the stand this year than last and interest in mads is obviously rising. We were able to make interesting contacts, also abroad. Many visitors come here exclusively because we are attending.

Patricia Saito-Lewe, Managing Director at Ben Nye Company. Inc

2016 is the third time we have been here and we have registered more visitors. Düsseldorf is a good meeting point, here we have contact with professionals from theatre, film and television. At the same time, we are able to support our business partners. This year the Airbrush line was very popular with a demonstration at our stand. Anyhow, mads is a good place to learn about techniques and products – also under real conditions.

Patricia Saito-Lewe, Geschäftsführerin Ben Nye Company. Inc

Wir waren 2016 zum dritten Mal hier und haben mehr Besucher registriert. Düsseldorf ist ein guter Branchentreff, hier haben wir Kontakt mit Profis aus Theater, Film und Fernsehen. Zugleich können wir unsere Geschäftspartner unterstützen. Ganz populär in diesem Jahr war die Airbrush-Linie mit einer Demonstration an unserem Stand. Überhaupt ist die mads ein guter Ort, um Techniken und Produkte kennen zu lernen - und das unter reellen Bedingungen.