Accreditation guidelines

The following persons will be given accreditation:

  1. Persons who present a valid, officially recognised press pass.
  2. Persons who present a membership card from a recognised organisation of foreign press representatives (e.g. Verein der ausländischen Presse in Deutschland – VAP).
  3. Holders of cards issued by professional journalists’ associations, provided that the latter cooperate with Messe Düsseldorf.
  4. Journalists who can provide proof of an assignment from an editorial office (original letterhead, no copies, in German or English) or can prove their identity by submitting articles of a recent date bearing their name.
  5. Journalists who submit a current masthead listing them by name as members of the editorial office.
  6. Press spokespersons of organisations or companies exhibiting at the current fair. Official proof must be furnished.
  7. Persons who require press information for public-benefit purposes, e.g. radio programmes for the blind, disabled persons’ associations. If evidence of severe disablement is submitted, this includes an accompanying person (disabled ID card).
  8. Representatives of youth press organisations will be given a one-day ticket once on presentation of evidence.
  9. Due to the general accessibility of the Internet and the associated difficulty in verifying the authorship of journalistic work, members of Internet editorial offices will be given accreditation only on presentation of a recognised press pass. An exception will be made for Internet editorial offices which demonstrably belong to regular editorial offices or publishing houses. Membership of the editorial team must be documented.

If documents are not presented or fail to comply with the accreditation guidelines, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH may deny accreditation. This also applies if there are grounds for suspecting that a press pass is being misused. There is no entitlement to accreditation. With all accreditations, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH reserves the right to enforce house rules.

The following persons will not be given accreditation:

  1. Persons without any journalist identification;
  2. Persons merely using the broadcasting facilities of a public-access channel;
  3. Persons exclusively running a weblog;
  4. German citizens resident in Germany who present a foreign press pass, e.g. Fleet Street London, Universal Press (USA), etc.;
  5. Persons holding cards from broadcasting stations, news agencies or publishing houses without a current assignment from the editorial office;
  6. Persons not belonging to the editorial office according to the masthead, e.g. marketing or advertising sales managers;
  7. Persons holding expired press passes;
  8. Persons for whom editorial confirmation has been written by other, freelance journalists; this applies in particular to relatives and spouses.

Eva Rugenstein
Leiterin der Presseabteilung
Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

Juli 2008