make-up artist design show 2017: International Hotspot of the Make-Up Artist Sector

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The make-up artist design show, trade fair for beauty and stage make-up artists has underscored its high position in the sector once again. This, the only trade fair of its kind in Germany attracted to the tune of 4,000 visitors. “mads has undergone a great development over the past few years. In this exhibition hall the highest level of craftsmanship is fused with creativity and passion. The combination of continuous education, information and entertainment goes down extremely well. The top stars on the stage of the lecture forum and at the creative workshop freely share their knowledge,” said mads Director Helmut Winkler.

The theatre and beauty make-up artists from theatre, opera and play houses, TV studios, musicals and film productions gathered information at the stands of the 75 exhibitors and brands and were particularly interested in the high-calibre expert programme at the lecture forum. At the Creative Workshop visitors were invited to try out techniques and materials themselves under expert guidance. Another highlight was the German Championship for Make-Up Artists in Training where the most talented trainees provided impressive proof of their skills under the motto “The Realm of Fairytales”.

Wolfram Langer, General Manager at the Berlin-based company KRYOLAN and co-initiator of the trade fair, also voiced his satisfaction: “The image of this event is extremely prestigious. The sector highly praises mads and enjoys the family-like environment as well as the outstanding conditions for networking. Positive to note, of course, are the growing visitor numbers as well as the higher attendance from neighbouring countries. In Europe the make-up artist design show is beyond compare.”

Bernd Uwe Staatz, chief make-up artist at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, was not weary of underlining the first-class expert programme again. “mads offers a great choice of technical lectures on stage. Another aspect that goes down very well is that the programme also features speakers from related professions who inspire our industry with fresh ideas. We have received markedly more applications for the trainee championship and have found that the quality of entries submitted was particularly high,” adds Staatz.

The next make-up artist design show will be held on 10 and 11 March 2018. Held concurrently will be BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF from Friday to Sunday, 9 to 11 March 2018 as well as TOP HAIR INTERNATIONAL Trend & Fashion Days from Saturday to Sunday, 10 to 11 March 2018.


Statements by Exhibitors and Partners on the make-up artist design show 2017:

Joachim Braig, Purchasing, Fischbach+Miller  

We have been part of this from the beginning and always look forward to the pleasant atmosphere and the good organisation. What a shame fewer exhibitors are taking part this time. To us it is very positive that we can always establish personal contacts with chief stage make-up artists and other decision-makers here.

Petra Winkler, Projektservice Düsseldorf  

mads is a very special meeting point for the sector. You rarely see and feel so much creativity in such a friendly atmosphere.

Patricia Saito-Lewe, General Manager, Ben Nye Company. Inc  

To us it looks like the best year we have had in a long time. There was a lot of traffic, we received plenty of interest in our products and people enquired about techniques in a targeted and detailed manner. We organised a workshop here for the first time and response was outstanding.


Statements by Protagonists on the make-up artist design show 2017:

Carol Brown, London

When I started 35 years ago there was no such thing as this trade fair. Products, colours and the industry as such were far from being that developed. All the more do I appreciate – and I am in Düsseldorf for the first time – this great opportunity for a professional exchange. Inspiration works both ways here: others listen to me and I can pass on a little of my experience. And I for my part have the possibility to discover things and learn myself.

Liza Coggins, Los Angeles

mads is very professional – there is a vast array of expertise and exciting performances on stage! What I like very much is that the rooms are not that big and you can really concentrate on the workshops and performances. Just as fantastic is the close exchange with colleagues – you teach and are taught at the same time.

Shaune Harrison, Manchester

To my mind the atmosphere at mads is more international than in London, for example. Furthermore, the theatre is more strongly represented, which I like. The performances on stage are really professional, the use of cameras, the possibility to see close-ups on the screens. Apart from that, I also love to meet with colleagues and interested “fans”.

Paul Merchant, London

I have been coming here for seven years now and have the feeling that the quality of this event is improving year on year. The motto reads: small but fine. The circle of participants is manageable, networking and exchange are accordingly easy. There are also many opportunities for learning here.

Birgit Mörtl, Vienna

This is my seventh time in Düsseldorf in a row where I feel like I am returning to my own little family. Here I encounter interesting people who are extremely skilled in their disciplines. The lectures are just great. To me it is an honour to act as a presenter myself. It would, of course, be nice if we could have more exhibitors again in future.

Cig Neutron, Los Angeles

I am really excited – there are so many nice, open-minded, interested people here! And since this is a trade fair, there is a dense atmosphere. Discussions here are wonderful for making contacts and deepening business relations.    

Guido Paefgen, Mainz

As a stage make-up artist I think it good and befitting to have such a trade fair located in Germany – the country with the highest number of stages worldwide. It’s like a get-together among colleagues, like working in a lecture format. It is also exciting to see what the colleagues are doing – and to hear right from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, why they are doing it this way.  

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